1. Case Assessment − We will discuss your personal case needs and immediate
     problems, to provide the right solutions.
    • Patient Personal Information: Date of birth, list of family members to be
      contacted, addresses and phone numbers.
    • Medical Information: Healthcare insurance records, physicians’ names,
      addresses, phone numbers; medical history: known allergies, medications,
      details on recent hospital admissions and doctors visits functional abilities.

2. Research − We will review patient’s healthcare records in the patient's possession.
     If medical records are missing we can acquire them from the relevant hospital
     or physician, so that we'll have a complete medical history to work from.

3. In-Depth Patient Care Assessment/ PC Record − Subject to a patient’s prior
     written approval, detailed records will be kept of information gathered and
     discussions will be held with the client’s doctors, therapists, and other
     healthcare providers concerning recommended treatments.

4. Patient Care Recommendations − Our review of your patient medical records
     and treatment history will provide a foundation for how we can best advocate
     on behalf of you and/or your family.

5. Patient Health Care Advocate − Once a client signs a release form authorizing
     us to obtain his or her personal medical information, we will be able to obtain medical
     records, communicate with doctors, pharmacies, Medicare and insurance companies
     and coordinate efforts among all medical service providers to advocate on the
     patient's behalf.

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