Carol provides compassionate and professional advocacy services on
behalf of patients and their families. She liaises with insurance companies,
physicians, pharmacies, extended care facilities and clinicians to provide
the highest level of care and consistency between providers.
    As part of her comprehensive care package, when the time comes Carol
spends increased time with patients, supplying comfort, peace of mind
and emotional support.

For the past 19 years, Carol has held senior level positions in the healthcare
field. Her experience has ranged from managing a mental health clinic that
focused on high standards of patient care, to propelling one of the region’s
largest Anesthesia practices to the top 1 percentile in the country.
     Carol’s experience in patient advocacy began on a personal level, taking care of friends
and family members who needed help with insurance claims, prescriptions, meeting with
doctors, and understanding their insurance coverage and their rights as a patient. She has
experience with elderly and terminally ill patients and realizes the value of life, especially
when a loved one is ill.
    She is extremely well versed in Medicare and many other types of insurance and can easily
decipher what is covered and what needs to be. She has liaised with various regional hospitals,
including Sloan Kettering Medical Centers both in Manhattan and Tarrytown, as well as numerous
aging care facilities in Westchester and Fairfield County. Carol takes the burden of dealing with
insurance claims, prescriptions, and doctors’ orders off of the patient’s and family’s shoulders.

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